swelling pain wrt 46 confused what to do ,rct ,extraction of 8


endoperio lesion wrt 46 grade 2 furcation, angular bone loss on mesial aspect. Rx-RCT,SRP,open flap debridement(bone grafting nd GTR if osseus topography permits ), re-evaluation periodically.If there is mobility wrt 46 (questionable prognosis )extraction advisable.

1. if the tooth is mobile then go for extraction,if not then rct...with proper irrigation protocols and intracanal medicaments..... 2. as the 8 is absent in the xray so can't suggest about it.... 3. Check clinically, the 7 ....... all the best

agree with Dr ranjan and Dr kausar. go for extraction

Extraction of 46 will be best rather than rct as grade 3 furcation is involved with through &through tunnel formation &angular bone loss. Also, 46 is periodontally compromised tooth might be associated with mobility .

For 46 go for extraction as IOPAR is showing Bone loss. So RCT is not going to give long lasting result

rct of 45 is also required asper iopa...periodontal lesion wrt 45

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Prognosis a poor for rct because of bone loss.so,extraction s advisable

extract 46 bcoz of furcatione involvement and wide bone loss around the apex,carry out a pulpectomy for 45 and 47 followed by an FPD.48 God bless

What is the grade of mobility in 46?

hi doc as per iopa 47 needs to get rct done n 8 is not so clear if there is no other problem u dont disturb 8 by extracting it

top positive art 46 ,draining sinus art buccal of 46 ,note the radiolucent areas of iopa

there is endo perio involvement of 46, pdl widening is also der, as mesial root is curved chances of being mobile are less, if non mobile or grade 1 , go for rct as well as flap surgery,, if furcation is also exposed, make tunnel for better cleaning by inter dental brushes
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