Syphilis - Epidemiology & Clinical Presentation

Syphilis is a systemic bacterial infection. If not treated adequately in the primary stage, it leads to chronicity and many adverse systemic outcomes. A once common STD in the pre-antibiotic era, the prevalence of syphilis was brought down. In 2011, the National Aids Control Organsiation had announced that the country is on the verge of eliminating the bacterial infection. However, now doctors say they are seeing a rise in those testing positive for syphilis among other sexually transmitted diseases, even as the prevalence of HIV is on the decline. Please share your insights on this once-common STD..........



Very informative and educational presentation on Syphilis Epidemiology & Clinical Presentation. It's Introduction, Epidemiology, Transmission, Primarily Syphilis Appearance, Secondary Syphilis Appears, Latent Syphilis and Tertiary Syphilis are really Knowledge booster for us. Thanks for sharing useful presentation Sir.

Thanks Dr Pradumn Abdekar

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One time it is said Syphilis is medicine and Medicine is syphilis" Sy philosophy used to be a DD for almost all diseases . Syphilis now ,is like " Fallen hero". It is reduced to few slides ! The natural history of syphilis is almost based on findings of the FRAMINGHAM'S study ,which I doubt if any student of STD would refer to. . STOKES is the greatest syphilogist of times. His book is Bible as far as syphilis is concerned youth most of the treatments are outdated and given up after the advent of penicillin. it may be interesting to note that a nonverbal form called endemic syphilis transmitted by skin to skin contact in Africa. The treponeme causing venereal and nonvenereal syphilis are almost indistinguishable under dark ground microscopy,the diagnostic gold standard of syphilis. It is speculated that the venereal syphilis has evolved from non-venereal syphilis of Africa.

Nicely complied and informative article on syphilis , epidemiology and clinical presentation. Educative post.

Thanks Dr Dinesh Gupta

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Nice information uploaded thanks doctor

Thanks doctor praduman Ambekar

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Gone is the time to blame it on Syphilis sir

Syphilis is a Systematic Bacterial infection. If not treated adequately in the Primary Stage, it leads to Chronicity & many adverse systemic outcomes. To check it's tramission & mutation in generation.

Nice information:A memory refresher of old disease which was so common one time before the arrival of HIV as STD.

SYPHILIS (STD): Nicely explained, Useful & valuable presentation.

Excellent No std in tertiory syphilis


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