TERM/F/S/D1/LSCS/AGA/CIAB born with congenital anamolies..DX and Rx



O.l. severe type. Hydrocephalus. Low set of Ears. Double Chin. Nipples wide & dispkaced. EARS : Hairy pinna. : ? Ear pinna groove. Spina-Bifida Occulta. Bilateral congenital deformity of both legs due to multiple Fractures. Umbilucal Hernia. Distension Abdomen. Peripheral Cynosis . Chest deformity ? Fracture Ribs.

Thanks for this superb evaluation... something every one should follow on Curofy..

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Osteogenesis imperfecta...

? curved femurs ( varus..ie in curving ) R>>L ; ? bil. talipes eq. varus ; macrocephaly ; . ? spina bifida occulta ; achondroplasia because upper segment > lower segment & span < height

peripheral cyanosis,hairy patch at the back s/o spina bifida occulta and bilateral club feet?ctev.are the ears low set and large?Interesting case!

Osteogenesis imperfecta with bilateral psudoarthrosis tibia

Achondroplasia with CTEV

retrognithia present

looks like congenital talipus equinovarus.. step by step correction needed..

congenital pseudoarthrosis of tibia B/l

In fact looks having conginetal talipes equino varus deformity. step wise correction. ..


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