the baby has a history of obstructed labour. whats ur dx & mx plan?



Birth injury ? Face presentation shift to special care Nursery after intubation i v fluids started all emrgency medicines givn inclding methyle prednisolon inj moniter all parameters in nursery

Face presentation

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The baby seems to have severe birth asphyxia 1 secure iv lines 2 start iv fluids and simultaneously do resuscitation 3 send rbs along with sepsis screrning, blood culture, RFts 4 start prophylactic IV antibiotics 5 Rbs monitoring frequently and manage hypoglycemia if any

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Good. Get ready with emergency kit.resuscitation.hypoglycimia.dont forget d. Rebound phenomena. If not. Doing well kidney. Is next..antibiotic gram positives n negative. As for delivery obstetrician not forget stomach wash with n .saline .

Birth injury , ?face presentation intubation, iv fluids, antibiotics coverage,2days dexamethasone, monitor in nicu.eye mouth care.close monitor vitals.

Facial congestion following birth trauma following post face presentation . It will subside with symptomatic Rx .

Hopefully swelling will subside in a couple of days. Give dexa, antibiotics and keep emergency kit ready by the side of patient.

Face presentation. Admit the child. Monitor vitals, feeding.

admit the child , monitor vitals ,symptomatic ttmemt feeding i/v fuids antibiotic coverage 2 daya dexethasone monitor in icu eye mouth n

Face presentation cs

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