please dignose this case....

The child is 8 years old, the patient is admitted for 3 days but he is not getting any pain in his hands, swelling is also not decreasing. Please tell treatment.




looks like eechymotic patches . ?? purpura fulminans . cbc look for platelet counts prothrombin time n aptt . urine r/e n c/s renal function test . will need some history .

Thank you doctor

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Get Allergy's test with ESR. Have any sensations in hand or indicate.@Dr. Yogendra Kumar Raj .

Sir aur bhi test hai jo ki normal hai

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May be bruises. But no pain. Only swelling. Bellis per Q 5drops tds,mont.30.---3-4 times a day.otherwise.Belladonna 30.thrice daily.

Arnica Montana 1 M single dose Arsenic Album 200 weekly × 4 dose

Rx Arnica may be helpful

Arnica 1M

Mounting virechan acid ok kro

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