The syndrome is associated with abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, Obstruction and peritonitis, which depends on the size of this structure. Identify the structure and this extremely rare condition



Trichobezor Due to ingestion of hair or indigestible material which accunulates and doesn't pass on to dudodenum. The syndrome is called rapunzel syndrome.

trichobezoar(intestinal obstruction caused by hardened bolus of ingested hair)... Patient may may trichotillomania.

trichobezoar is a bezoar (a mass found trapped in the gastrointestinal system) formed from the ingestion of hair. Trichobezoars are often associated with trichotillomania (compulsive hair pulling).Trichobezoars are rare, but can be fatal if undetected. Surgical intervention is often required.

This is a trichobezor Due to ingestion of hair. That is It is called Rapunzel syndrome

Trichobezor... Cause- due to psychiatric disorder trichotillomania Leads to- Rapunzel syndome


Trichobezoar, due to ingestion of hair. Rapunzel syndrome

This is trichobezoar. This is seen after ingestion of hair.

Trichobezor Ingestion of hair. People suffering from psychotic disorder

Trichobezor also known as Rapunzel syndrome. Associated with trichotillomania

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