These discs belong to 2 different patients. Is it glaucoma? Now suppose both discs belong to one patient. Is it glaucoma?



First picture if isolated is not likely to be glaucoma as the NRR is healthy.. it can be physiological if symmetrical cupping in both the eyes.. but even physiological cupping should be advised to have atleast yearly screening for glucoma. second disc definitely glaucomatous.. superior notching, ISNT not followed.. back up these with field and Oct to show progression to qualify for glaucoma

Asymmetrical deep large cups left NRR atrophy bayonetting disc suggest glaucoma. If isolated patient right eye can be labeled glaucoma suspect due to large deep cup with bayonetting, IOP should be checked and Perimetry should be done

Just by seeing cupping we cannot say that it is glaucoma.Field charting should be done and IOP should be noted.Some discs have physiological cupping

That's true. But consider the above 2 situations. In which of the situations will u suspect glaucoma and evaluate the patient?

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Both pics ve large cups nd need further evaluation but second one looks more suspicious nd to confirm get vf iop repeated evaluation . Ist pic has healthy NRR

If belongs to same pt definitely it's a glaucoma as 0.2 difference s der.i wud lyk to go fr cct vf n baseline iop n RNFL changes

Even if it is of the same patient, the vertical C:D ratio is not very different than the other eye as the disc in the other eye is larger. However, there appears to be a focal loss of NRR superiorly which needs evaluation for corresponding areas of NFL dropouts in red free light, HFA for a corresponding visual field defect

second disc-definitely glaucomatous.if both pics belong to the same pt,then definitely glaucomatous.first pic only-may be physiological, but better too monitor and rule out glaucoma

dr arun, right eye optic disc shows healthy neuro retinal rim, could be normal. left eye disc shows superior notch, so confirm it with perimetry, oct and iop.

Yes dr aruṇ I ll definitely evaluate pt wd 2 nd pic

the 'RE disc appears healthy as the ISNT rule is maintained in the right eye... there appears to a superior notch in Left eye BUT it is a large disc...need more evaluation before commenting

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