These r the image of 50 yrs old male having itching skin leison.



Dermatophytosis (Ring worm ) Tab Fluconazole 150 mg weekly for 12 weekly Tab Erythromycin 500 TID for 5 days . Tab Levocetrizine + Fexofenadine 120 OD HS Tab Multivitamins OD . Zole F application + Clotrimizole dusting powder . Hygiene and sanitation is must Investigation for Sugar F & PP Scrape Test . TFT.

why levocetrizine + fexofenadine? we can wait to give antibiotics if there is no obvious infection

Tinea corporis

The picture is not very clear. It seems the skin is discoloured due to excessive itching. It could be ring worm or contact dermatitis.

My first impression was ring worm but it Was not clear because of discolouration.

extensive Tinea C orporis why there are is bluish discoloration in the lesion did the patient applied gentian violet paint?

Yes. ..It seems to be GV lotion application. .....Tinea Corporis

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Tinea corporis

Unless there is some infection don't have any place for antibiotics. Bluish ting is due to excessive itching and bleeding caused by that.

taenia corporis treat with terbinafin 250mg od for 4 to 6wks

tinia corporis

Tinea corporis

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