This bridge is just 7 months old. Now abscess in premolar how to treat? What is the cause of abscess?


Looks like improper treatment planning and not considering the periodontal status of the abutment teeths.The bridge needs to be removed and if premolar is mobile which looks like seeing the bony attachment should go for extraction n re treatment planning which was includes a RCT with canine and upper second molar and a good FPD engaging from 3 to 7.Checkout for blood sugar and body immunity levels.

Omg!! There is no alveolar bone .. How is it possible to give bridge.. Anyways check for mobility and it would be periodontal abscess..

remove the prosthesis and check again....

remove premolar and prefabricate bridge

It's alveolar abscess following pulp necrosis post trauma during tooth preparation and treatment is RCT

this the work of a quack. classic example. no endodontic rx done,2 pm used as a pier abutment, poor oral hygiene. remove the bridge by cutting it,do scrp, wait and watch for 1 month, give for in the interim. go for rct if there is need (which i am sure there is). regards Dr. Anirudh Koul

endo perio lesion,,remove bridge,if tooth not mobile, do rct, than regeneration, otherwise place implants..

Perioapical lesion seen in iopa No need to extract the teeth Might be endo perio lesion so treat 1st rct and then periodontal treatment you can save the teeth

Need to go for RCT with or Without crown removal if tooth is not much mobile and tooth should have been treated endodontically prior to bridge fixation..

The bridge should be removed and for the betterment do root canal of all the abutment teeth and followup for a minimum of 1month and bridge replacement

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