This is an example for height of negligence. My patient aged about 54 yrs, suffering from T2DM, HTN,DKD ( Diabetic Kidney Disease ), CRF with generalised oedema from head to toe, including scrotum, had put on a weight of 16 kg in a span of 1 month duration, Chronic Smoker from the last 40 yrs, non alcoholic, came for check up today after 2 yrs.FPG 345mg/dl, 2 hr PG 456 mg/dl, abnormal lipid parameters, Serum Creatinine is 4.6 mg/ dl,HbA1c 14.5%. He stopped all medicines including Insulin too, referred him to an Ophthalmologist to r/o Retinopathy, he has already painful sensory neuropathy ie TRIOPATHY,prophylactically I had put fim on tab Clopidogrel 75 mg to prevent at least ASCVD, CVA. Inspite of repeated counseling this is the scenario. God only can help such patients, Incredible India



Dr Lakshmi Nair, as such there is no side effect like leg pain,joint pain with Vilda or any other Gliptins, if the patient is on Statin there is a chsnce for myopathy,myositis,supplement The patient with Calcium & Vit E

Dr Anutosh, why u have responded so wildly, the patient got thoroughly investigated for, and is on treatment too,oedema is completely gone, patient feels quiet happy, continuing the treatment, still smoking inspite of repeated counseling, what made u so angry,we still don't understand Dr, can u give reason for your anger please, I am really disappointed, u don't have any right to vent ur anger like this Anutosh, I just said it's an example for negligence, who said he is not treated,please do respond.

Dr Anutosh Chakraborthy, what the hell do you think of yourself, after all did BHMS,you passing on very indecent comments on highly qualified people, learn some decency, how dare you post nonsense in my case, what do you think of yourself, who is quack here, be in your limits mister, mind u once again, warn you finally, you don't have guts to reply to my post, you make so much of voice, there are highly qualified people who have who have passed on their concerns, after all what are you, what is your qualification, after all BHMS, you did not get a seat in MBBS, you dare to criticize us, don't cross your limits, know your limits, what the hell you know about investigations, the patient is already admitted, treated proprely, maintaining normoglycemia,normotensive, no oedema, referred to nephrologisr,ophthalmologist, every bloody thing is done to the patient freely,not even taking a single rupee as he is very poor, what the hell you know about ADA,ACN,ACE,AASE ,ACO,ASH,ISH,EASD,ESH,ESC guidelines, had u been to any one International conference in your life, they will not even allow people like you at all, behave like a doctor, be descent, learn some manners how to respect seniors, elders who are 1000 times qualified than u mister, all these days I had a good regards for you, you only spoiled your reputation, do not misbehave

yes right sir . in my area also i face too many negligent patients once in a week. yesterday i visit a paralysed patient 70yrs, didn't eat since 7days , bp 80/50, FBS 136, pulse 62, spo2 75, relatives not agree for hospitalization n expecting to treat

Aadaab Doctor a hakeem always present on ET URDU misguiding everyone..about Diabetes/Hypertension.. They can not allow Allopathic Doctors.. It surprised me mostly..

Dr Mukundarao, thanks for the comment, as long as government of India does not take initiation as far as lifestyle diseases are concerned, there won't be much change in the scenario as well as the fate of the patients, Incredible India

Thank you dear my Dr Anutosh, All the time u were so descent enough all These months, what made u call me quack,please clarify,I never passd even a single comment personally,why did u target me is still a million dollar question, let us forget about everything, be friends for ever Anutosh, please do respond immediately.

for this all quack s and deshi dava doctors without degrees should be banned and publicly exposed who are giving only 100% guarantee for curing the incurable disease like cancer ,diabetes, renal failure

This is a case posted to know the heights of negligence, not fot suggestions please. I know how to tackle the case, ok

This is a case of negligence on the part of the patient, case not for discussion, thanks to all doctors who responded in a nice way, hence I am closing the case

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