This lesion was noticed since 1 month recurring after treatment, works as a supervisor in a construction company what is it and the treatment



Occupational allergic contact dermatitis

ALLERGIC CONTACT DERMATITIS.. RX.. Avoid exposure to allergen, pollution, irritant substances.. Antihistaminics Levocetirizine orally effective and useful for itching.. Washing with cold and clean water is effective and keep it dry and clean..

Tnx a lot Dr Abdul Majeed sir

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Involvement of distal hand and considering type of occupation seems to be OCCUPATIONAL CONTACT DERMATITIS. Ask for itching. Treat with topical steroid. Antihistaminic of choice to reduce itching if any.

Allergic Dermatitis, Rx Ointment Betnovate N locally , TAB Cetrizine 10 mg 1 bd, Tab Vitamin B Complex 1 Od for 10 day's

Contact dermatitis Moderate potent topical steroid Anti allergic Avoid to touch cement

Cotect dermatitis, (probably cement allergy).

Contact dermatitis. Find out the irritant

Allergic Contact Dermatitis

Allergic contact dermatitis

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