This patient developed pain in left ear and next day angle of mouth turned to opposite, right side. His left eye doesn't close properly and vesicles were seen in left ear canal. This is a typical case of Bells palsy but a variant- Ramse hunt syndrome and strongly suggests a viral etiology, varicella Zoster. He has been put on Prednisolone and acyclovir and recovering. He has been started these medications on 22 July...hopefully after a week his facial appearance will be normal. I will upload photo.


everything is clear then what's the questions or discussion to be done??

Agreed with u Dr Kamal..

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ram say hunt syndrome

apart from medications also start with physiotherapy he would recover fast.treatment would consist of electrical stimulation, facial massage and exercises.

yes physiotherapy ,massage of affected side face, care of eye by applying tape or using moisturizer like moisol should be taken care of.

This is a typical case of Ramsay Hunt syndrome how is is hearing? How is his balance? Have u ruled out immunocompromised state?

hearing normal, no dizziness and vertigo

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physiotherapy as early as possible. Prednisone may be avoided.

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