this type of lump in neck of 8 yr old girl since 1 month and very painful.

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I agree with Dr R Datwant

Search infective focus scalp, ear, throat.Amoxycillin for 7_10days

Reactive lymphadenitis due to ear lobule infection

Suppurative cervical lymphadenopathy Gv antibiotics amox+click for 2weeks FNAC R/o Tuberculosis

Read as Amoxicillin cloxacillin

Reactive lymphadenitis

It looks like a case of lymph node enlargement, solitary suggestive of non specific adenitis Rx. Antibiotics for 5 days if not subsiding do exicision Biopsy under local

Post auricular swelling D/D- Lipoma Reactive Lymphadenopathy TB Lymphadenopathy Dermoid cyst R/O Scalp or other infective foci. Inv- Otoscopy USG with FNAC Blood routine, ESR AFB, Chest X-ray Treatment- Course of Antibiotics for a week. Review with reports- WNL keep on followup. If enlarging in size or symptomatic- Excision intoto with HPE.

infected lymph nodeashort course anti biotics simultaneous evaluation for a cause

Cervical lymphadenitis.Antibiotics for 5 days,Analgesics.

Cerv Lymphadenitis #AKT FNAC USG Mx

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