TODAY I FOUND A VERY GOOD EXAMPLE FOR What happens when two dissimilar diseases meet in a body and the later disease is stronger than the former? (aphorism 38 and 39) THIS IS the second case OF dissimilar STRENGTH, when the disease coming later is stronger than the former.this phenomena is describe by Dr. HAHNEMANN IN APH38... § 38 II. Or the new dissimilar disease is the stronger. In this case the disease under which the patient originally labored, being the weaker, will be kept back and suspended by the accession of the stronger one, until the latter shall have run its course or been cured, and then the old one reappears uncured. i.e, The itch, as Schopf saw, disappeared on the occurrence of the scurvy, but after the cure of the latter it again broke out. SIMILARLY, THE PATIENT 25YRS FEMALE CAME TO ME WITH SCABIES, VIOLENT ITCH AND BURNING, AGGRAVATED AT NIGHT, BATHING FROM,EATING AFTER.... SHE CLEARLY EXPLAINED ABOUT THE PAST HISTORY OF SCABIES FOR 2MNTHS..BUT IT WAS SUDDENLY RELIEVED FOR ALMOST 10DAYS, WHEN SHE WAS SUFFERING FROM MEASLES.... NO ANY SYMPTOMS OF SCABS WERE EXHIBITED DURING MEASLES... BUT AFTER THE MEASLES RAN IT FULL COARSE OF ACTION, THE SCABS REAPPEARED, WITH SIMILAR INTENSE ITCH AND SCRATCH UNTIL IT BLEEDS....@Dr. Md Shahbaz Ali @Dr. Akshay Ingole @Dr. Ram Raj Tiwary @Dr. Debasish Sasmal @Dr. Rajan N. Iyer @Dr. Sanjay Kumar Mallick @Renu Singh @Dr. Mohd Shafi



@Dr. Hemender Singh Sir, A nice concept on homeopath about the occurrence of 2 diseases simultaneously where one is stronger and another is weak. Weak is suppressed by the symptoms of Stronger but after cure of the later , the former again started. These concepts are very deeply described in Ayurveda texts under the context of Avarana and Vyadhi Shankar, Correct me if I am wrong @Dr. Hemant Adhikari ,@Dr. Aniruddha Lele ,@Dr. Himanshu Verma ,@Dr. Devender Kamboj ,@Dr. Aditya Sirs,@Dr. Aditi Mangsuli Maam and dear @Roshni R ,@Chhavi Rosha ,@Kalpana N .

Correct sir

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Treat sycosyphilis first and then psoara In such dissimilar diseases two or more disease are not truly amalgametd but medicines are not complimentey or follow Well to one another. I treated two such cases with lyco and staph

I still remember a case posted by Dr ingole sir a lady with depression but she was a bipolar disorder where i suggested lyco for mania and staph for hypomania a mood disorders

Nice post. Every words in organon is true. We always find it practicality. Thank you so much for sharing

Thanks doc...yeah...hahnemanian theories are deepest of all philosophies....

Good Obz Dr. ..Organon is the Gita Quran Bible, Guru Granth & Avesta of Homoeopathy...!!

Great Job @Dr. Hemender Singh ji

Nice post sir

1 tab arogay verdhni vati two bd 2 tab tirfala gogal two bd piryog Karo 3 tab kenakorte one bd

Nice post .

Nice post sir thank you.

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