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Today we observed a case of a 19-year-old female, student presented complaining of fever with chills and joint pains for 10 days along with bilateral ankle joint swellings. Moreover, on examination found to have an erythematous rash over the cheeks, nose and shins which appeared 15 days back and progressively increased. Investigations done were all normal except for raised ESR and hemogram showing pancytopenia. ANA BLOT was done. What do you think could be the diagnosis?


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? SLE..

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@Dr. Sunita Kude @Dr. Rafiqul Islam @Dr. Aniruddha Lele @Dr. S.k. Mudgal @Dr. Pratibha Naithani @Dr. Swati Gaware @Dr. Reddy @Dr. Shukla Vikram sir Please share your valuable opinion on this case

OH my god girl is suffering without any sin.Reaction of med.provide on wrong time.She Was to be treated for Visham/Sheet Jawar.Now 2nd mistake may not be reapted fr Rhtd fever. My cover from starting point.Vishamjawsrantak loh+Satv giloy+Mh.Sudershan ghan vati+godanti bsm After diet Amrita Risht+Punnerva asav bd.Avoid cough & cold diet Iteams &Anupam tips.

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Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Collagen vascular disorder ANA, ANTIDS, DNA , SMITHS ANTIBODY are likely to be positive.

? SLE..



SLE? Rule out Rhematic Fever .Advice AS0 titre and take higher opinion

SLE puls 200

Rhustox will work

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