Todays drug of 'Tadvidya Sambhasha' GGUDUCHI (TINOSPORA CARDIFOLIA) Ras - Katu Tikta kashay Dosh-Tridoshaghna Vipaka-Madhur Detail uses in all disease its action on dosh dhatu mal , properties ...welcome Ref.should be mentioned..



i myself when a student at varanasiget affected by chickengunia ....slight limping was there due to severe pain...guduchi kaand swaras n dashmoola kwath for two months n pain subsided . ..

Evidence based Guduchi Kwath 15 ml bd Shuddha guggul 500mg TDS Excellent results in Vatarakta.

Follow up aftet evry 15 days .For 3 months... or according to improvement in symptoms.

While prescribing Guduchi as Rasayan dravya pls note if the patient is having history of Malavastambha then better to give mrudu rechak along with it becoz long term use of guduchi may cause slight constipation in patient this is from experience on patients ..what u think plz share u r experience dr.

In a study published in Immunopharmacology and Immunotoxicology, guduchi was found to have anti-tumor properties. According to the study, an alcohol extraction of guduchi was shown to activate tumor-associated macrophages (white blood cells that eat cancer cells).

Also proven as Hypoglycemic effect in DM .

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90% of my prescription contains Giloy Satva as its having as Charak explained it as vaya sthapan, rasayan and tridosh sanshaman!

Everyone knows about the therapeutic uses of Guduchi. I want share some different thing about Guduchi. I am going share a story about the Guduchi, I think everyone know this story. Guduchi ka 1 synonym Amrita bhi to sab log jante hai...par aap jante hai ki Guduchi ka ye naam kyu pada...simple wo Amrit jaisi hai isliye...but wo Amrit jaisi kyu hai..."Kehte hai ki jab Samudra manthan hua tha tab Amrit bhi nikala tha...jab Bhagwan Vishu ji Mohini ka rup lekar sabhi devtao mei Amrit baat rahe the tab Amrit kalash se Amrit ki kuch boond dharti par aa giri aur ussi boond se Guduchi ka uday hua." Isliye Guduchi ka 1 naam Amrita bhi hai. Guduchi ka 1 naam Vatsadani bhi hai kyuki iska use hum infertility mei bhi kar sakte hai. Baki rahi baat therapeutic uses ki to wo aap sab logo ko pata hi hai.

nice information ....with due sharing of thoughts n experience we all will be delighted n could use d drug in a different zoner which we had not tried yet ...more experience ,views n thoughts are expected .once again ....shukriya dr saab for starting drug oriented discussion.....

Guduchi siddha ghruta at rasankala in jirna jwara cases vary useful in daha shman , and dourbalay hara

mukhya karma :- Rasayan n jwargna prabhav:- Vat rakta har

Fine ..

Hope u all dr.finds it useful...Thanku all ..Tomorrow new drug..

good start....

Guduchyadi kashay used in swetpradar n also mutra vikaras

Yes here Guduchydi kashaya for..Dhatugat amapachan.
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