Todays drug of 'Tadvidya sambhasha' YASTIMADHU (GLYCERRHIZA GLABRA) Ras -Madhur. virya- Shit. vipak-Madhur. Gun- Guru snigdha Dosh -Vata pittaghna n Kaphnissarak Share u r Experiences dr.



For cough and cold Take about one tsp of powdered yashtimadhu and mix well with honey. Have this twice a day for relieving cough, cold, phlegm and chest congestion. For acidity Take 3 5 grams of powdered yashtimadhu along with cows milk as a natural home remedy for hyperacidity and to heal stomach ulcers. For mild to moderate constipation Yashtimadhu may be recommended for a number of digestion ailments like constipation, hyperacidity, vomiting and peptic ulcer. For habitual constipation you may mix powdered yashtimadhu and triphala churana in the ratio of 2:4 respectively. This mixture is to be taken in a dose of one teaspoon at bedtime along with warm milk. For mouth ulcers A decoction prepared from boiling yashtimadhu root may be used for gargling and it can be consumed too. This is an effective home remedy for not only mouth ulcers, but also for throat pain and inflammation of the vocal cords. For general weakness Powdered yashtimadhu when taken with honey and ghee is advised as a general as well as brain tonic. It helps fight diseases, promotes growth and prevents premature ageing. External uses Yashtimadhu may be used in the form of oil [commercially available] on the skin for fairness and rejuvenation. Also, yashtimadhu siddha taila is recommended as nasal drops for relieving chronic colds, nose-block, sinusitis, headache and associated symptoms. Local application of the oil is also good for wounds associated with blood loss since it has a property of arresting blood loss.

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Yastimadhu is used in foods beverages and tobacco and cigarettes as a flavoring agent.It is used as mild laxative and antispasmodic in IBS and constipation.It is used in osteoarthritis.Used in SLE. malaria fever tuberculsis .To improve adrenal function . To increase fertility in hormonal disorders.It is used in eczema psoriasis in prostate cancer.Used in shampoo to decrease oiliness of hairs.Reduce bleeding during surgery.In mouth ulcers in canker sores.It reduces prolactin levels.It is used in melasma hyperpigmentation.It is used to relieve muscle cramps .It reduces pain .It is unsafe in pregnancy. May cause abortion.It ia also unsafe in lactating mothers . It reduces milk from breast.It is used in hormone depending cancers ie prostate cancer.Hypertonia is acontraindication.It reduces sexual desire. So it is not used in erectile dysfunction.It decreases effect of anticoagulant ie warfarin.It is used in depressive disorders.It is used in pre menstrual syndrome. It is used in menopausal women as HRT.It is contraindicated in DM.It slows down progression of HIV to AIDS triggering interferon alpha.It is called Adaptogen herb.It is also called leaky gut herb.

Main active principles is glycyrrhizin a mixture of calcium and potassium salts of glycyrrhizic acid. Glycyrrhizin is extremly sweet 50 times than sugar. It contains flavonides Liquiritin . It has got anti inflammatory action. It has got protective action on gastric mucosa.It is hepato protective.It has got anti viral and anti bacterial activity. It lowers hepatic enzymes which are raised in hepatic injury due to hepatic diseases.It is used in gastric ulcers. Liquorice derived compounds can raise concentration of prostaglandins in digestive system that promote mucous secretions . They produce new mucous producing cells . It prolongs lifespan of surface cells. It has got an antipepsin effect.Carbenoxolone is produced from liquorice.Liquorice causes fluid retention and sodium and potassium alteration.Sodium and fluid retention and potassium loss. That is why in long treatment hypertenion may take place. It has got immunomodulatary .It has got antiallergic activity.It is known to inhibit prostaglandin E2.It prevents mast cell degranulation. It has got anti oxidant activity.It has got anti tussive and expectorant activity.It helps to loosen the tenacious sputum. It is demulcent.It has got detoxification activity. It is useful in chronic fatigue syndromeand Addisons disease.It has got eostrogenic activity.It lowers cholesterol. Contraindications 1) Idiosyncratic hypersensitivity. 2)in overwight. 3)Hypertension4)cardiac patients CCF 5)It should be avoided with cardiotonic drugs and diuretics6)in severe renal insufficiency.7)in hypocalcemia due to increased potassium loss fromkidneys. Toxicity. Pseudo aldosteronism. potassium loss .Sodium and fluid retention. Oedema hypertension and weight gain . Drug interactions .Cardiac glycosides diuretics . It potentiate effects of steroids.

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Yashtimadhu is also vamak aushad so while using its dose should be calculated properly otherwise it may cause vaman

Yes dr.its Vamanopag dravya also .

Kanthya,Jivniya,sandhaniya,varnya,Kandughna,Vamanopag,Mootrvirjaniya, shonitsthapan,Chardinigrahan,Dahashamak,keshya,Medhya.Amlapitta(peptic ulcer)Raktapitta ,Shukravardhak etc

Most commonly i use it in Kasa, Mukha Paka, and amla pitta its best in its effect!

Dr Deepak Very nice information Thanks

रोग क्षमता को बढ़ाने वाली औषधियों में समिल है।

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its also medhya rasayan

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