Tonsillar tumor

Chief Complaint A 68 y/o male presents to the clinic with the complaint of a sore throat for 10 days. History He is a chronic smoker, smokes 25-30 cigarettes/day and drinks occasionally. He has a history of asthma. Physical examination Examination shows an ulcerated lesion over the right tonsil and cervical lymphadenopathy. Investigations CT of head & neck shows a well-defined, 3× 3.5 cm mass in the right tonsil. A biopsy from the tonsillar mass is suggestive of carcinoma. CT abdomen is suggestive of distant metastasis. Diagnosis The diagnosis for the tonsilar tumor was made as oropharyngeal cancer - stage T2N2aM0. Treatment Advise the management plan.


CA tonsil rt side with metastasis Yes surgical intervention to remove the growths and followed by chemoradiotherapy

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Distant metastasis directly puts tumour at stage 4c. A pet scan is needed to rule out metastasis of other sites.Treatment is chemo radiotherapy or a palliative chemoradiotherapy. Poor prognosis.


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Radical surgery with chemoradiation as per oncologist's suggestions.

What is the HPV status of the patient's tumor (look for p16 staining on pathology). For oropharyngeal cancer usually the primary more of therapy is chemoradiation with cisplatin . Patients with HPV + oropharyngeal cancers will have a better prognosis.

Surgery + Chemotherapy + Radiotherapy

Surgical excision and lymph nodes dissection is initial plan. Go for chemotherapy later on.

Ca tonsil with metastasis in abdomen Opinion of oncologist Radiation plus chemo

tonsil stone Vd Bharat write down the details of treatment tried by u. Infect shalya Chikitsa is advisable.

Radical Excision chemotherapy radiotherapy

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