Top Homeopathic Remedies for Allergic Bronchitis

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Respiration asthmatic -Blatta-or

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Grindelia is also good remedy for Allergic Bronchitis.

By my experience I can say natrum sulf also give good results as any kind of bronchitis whether it is infective or allergic their is inflammation of mucus membrane occur. Natrum sulf has property to absorb extra fluid whether it is inflammatory or infectious which results in smoothing of airway just try 6ch

Better to start with N.S with 12x potency instead 6ch. Thanks Dr.Sonal....? DrRajeswerrao Karimnagar Telangana State

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Rx Constitutional remedy with PQRS

Congratulations Doctor Saheb.... pomegranat lemongrass decoction.. onion help... ajwain hot bag helps

Pothos n justicia a for dust allergy also Histamiine n Housrdust in 200 or 1m pot ency wkly

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