Traumatic ulcer on lateral border of tongue

Female patient, 42 years old. A lesion appeared on her tongue 15 days ago. The lesion has nodular aspect, is white and it is located on left lateral of tongue. The patient hasn’t previous disease. For aspect, what’s your diagnostic?



Traumatic fibroma Its present on the lateral border of tongue,any sharp cusp or carious tooth or root stump cud be the reason. If there is any problem from the adjacent teeth then relieve that. If there is no trauma then try to find another cause. Advise biopsy and confirm Is the lesion painful Does it burn while eating Check whether lymph nodes tender or palpable.

Fibroma of this size in 15 days???? @Nitin Jaiswal consistency?? Limph node status.

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Hi sir we need further more history Like painless or painful lesion Is any sharp cusp to that region Burning sensation or not In any lymph node palpable or tenderness in that D/d :Traumatic fibroma ?? BCC of tongue Required Biopsy to confirm diagnosis

Check for any kind of sharpness on tooth or any irritating factor present... d/d fibroma due to repeatative trauma carcinoma Biopsy is a must for diagnosis and further treatment...

Fibroma of this size is in 15 days is surprising. Mostly the tongue portion bit off and formed a nodular lump. ?

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*Traumatic lesion ** CARCINOMA lat aspect of ant 3rd of tongue. Needs further investigation and evaluation to conclude and line of treatment. Detail examination of teeth and draining LN , biopsy etc.

Thanks Dr Dinesh Gupta

Teeth bites... Biopsy to rule out any probablity of Ca.

Dear sir It's easy to give a spot diagnosis but the problem is with out biopsy these lesions can not be concluded. More ever eliciting history is our duty about duration, consistency, surface, margins,, induration, symptoms, presence of contributing factors etc and so on. Predicting whether it is benign or malignant is the only issue here irrespective of the cell it originates.

Agree sir

? Basal cell Ca tongue

Teet bites

is it painful? occurred due to tongue bite?

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