Good morning dear friends and colleagues, Today let's have a look at TREE MAN DISEASE. It is also known as Epidermodysplasia verruciformis is an autoimmune deficiency. It is failed response to Human papilloma virus type2 and believed to stem from genetic defect. It is a rare genetic and inherited disorder and creates wart like lesions any where on the body. It is caused by HPV virus and characterised by wide spread skin eruptions, wart like lesions and reddish brown pigmented plaques. It is seen between 1 to 20 years of life and some cases reported in middleaged people. No definite cure except surgery. With regards, Dr Sepuri Tirumala Devi.



Yes mam I seen one case on discovery channels finding cure programm...abt 2 or 3 yrs ago.. as it is one of the most rarest disease... in top 10 list.. like herliquen and progeria... Very informative mam... Thank you so much...

Welcome Dr Sushant

Very rare syndrome with nice pictures madam. .first time I'm seeing this syndrome. ..Thanks a lot madam

Welcome Dr Suresh

Nice information thank you mam for sharing

Welcome Dr Aniruddha

Thank you mam nice information

Welcome Dr Poonam

informative thanx

Welcome Dr Amreena

Yes It's rare of the rarest. The condition is so extremely rare that not more than 12 people suffer from it around the globe. Thanx for sharing to forum. Regards. Dr.Dinesh . Sharma.

Thanks alot mam, I saw this on discovery channel when I was in high school, I also saw he went under surgical removal, but after 10 days warts got back to its original size

Good one, ,rarest condition, ,nicely explained, thanx mam fr en lighting us

Welcome Dr Raj

Thanks for sharing but I have not seen a single case in 35yrs of my practice

very nice and few Rare case a informative all curofins Lot of Thank mam

Welcome Dr Sagar
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