Tuberculosis or Koch's disease is a disease caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis,primarily affecting the LUNGS .Very common and life threatening disease affecting the health status of the person. Some patients carry TB bacteria but DON'T EXPRESS SYMPTOMS .This is LATENT TB and can stay dormant for years before developing into Active TB.Symptoms of Established Pulmonary TB -1)productive cough 2)Poor appetite 3)Night sweats 4)Fever n weakness Symptoms of Primary Pulmonary TB-1)Dry cough 2)Night sweats 3)Fever and weakness. Symptoms of Military TB -1) Weight loss 2)poor appetite 3)Fever and weakness . Diagnosis when after confirmed particular curable measures should be taken off .Preventive measures include - (ABCDI) 1) Avoidance of smoking 2) Avoid exposure to infected people 3)Get BCG vaccination 4)Boosting your immunity 5)Balanced diet 6)Breathing fresh air and MOST IMPORTANT 7)Completing the course. 24th MARCH is regarded as WORLD'S TUBERCULOSIS DAY in the REMEMBRANCE OF Dr ROBERT KOCH'S DISCOVERY. The main THEME is TO UNITE AND END TB. This day is dedicated to TB & The main AIMS of world TB day are 1)Encouraging people to organise discussions, Programmes, conferences around steps to STOP spread of TB and to eradicate it. 2)To make these high efforts to put into end this deadly disease.3)TO MAKE PEOPLE AWARE OF THE SIGNS AND SYMPTOMS OF TB &HOW TO CURB THE DISEASE.4)INCREASE AWARENESS ABOUT DISEASE AND VACCINES 5) TO TAKE PREVENTIVE MEASURES AND NOT TO IGNORE HEALTH ISSUES LIKE COUGH AND GET A CHECKUP. STOP TB -●Visit TB DOTS Clinic or Doctor immediately for test if you having those symptoms●Wait for the reports and Avoid coughing or sneezing near to people●IF DIAGNOSED WITH TB ,TAKE THE MEDICATIONS EVEN IF YOU FEEL BETTER (because STOPPING TREATMENT CAN CAUSE DRUG RESISTANCE ) This will help make you free of TB . Hope if all are engaged in these particular aims and activities ,surely India would be free of TB and will also help decrease the mortality rate ,which are claiming millions of life. . .


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