Twenty five year old male with h/O chest pain. No other complaints. Comment on diagnosis.



Hyperinflated lungs with tubular heart shadow and round mass opacity at left epical region. Likely Malignant.?Pancoast Tumor. Need CECT and guided FNAC to confirm.

Cardiac size normal.Patcy opacities noted in left upper zone.Round opacity also noted in left apex.Findings suggestive of tuberculosis, with tuberculoma in Apex.Advised further investigations for confirmation like sputum for H/P, AFB,C/S ( and lastly for malignant cells)

Hyperinflation of both lungs. Cardiac shadow is tubular. The opacity seen at left apex appears to be an artefact. /Ostechondrom.


Left upper zone heterogeneous rounded opacity possibly TB/pancoast tumor.

Young age

Encyted plural effusion with adjacent collapse and infiltration

Emphacematous chest.

Hyperinflamatous lung.Emphysema both lung.

HHZ round opacity Lt. UZ. Mass? Needs biopsy/FNAC.

Multiple calcified opacities more on (Lt)than (R) Old healed pul Kochs. Pulmonary Metastasis .

Hyperinflation of lungs tubular heart copd left upper zone opacity

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