Twisted foot

57 year old female falling after twisting foot. Minimally displaced 5th metatarsal Jones fracture or pseudo-Jones fracture? Treatment recommendations?


Fracture base of 5th metatarsal Acceptable position Below knee pop for six weeks Lower limb elevation Active toe movements After 6 weeks assess clinical union Fracture line will take longer time to disappear Permit weight bearing without pop after 6weeks

Base of the 4&5th metatarsal bone fracture,adv pop cast for 21days and then physiotherapy

Fracture base of 4th5th metatarsal fractures Adv rest in cast 6 weeks, antiinflammatories and calcium

Yes # base 5th metatarsal ?linear#line in cuboid

Thanx dr A Dutta

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# Base of 4 and 5 metatarsal. POP cast , analgesic .bed rest . Regular monitoring and constant monitoring advised.

Thanks Dr Vipin Bihari Jain

In view of # 4th& 5th metatarsul casting anx immobaligation is advised.

Base of 5th metatarsal # Physiotherapy Treatment during pop : 1. Active toe movt. 2. Elevate lower limb during sleeping and sitting to avoid oedema and enhance venous return. 3. Walking with Walker with no weight bearing to the affected leg for 4weeks ... Then can go for partial weight bearing walk. 4. Cross training to knee joint and hip joint to avoid secondary stiffness during immobilization period.

Proximal shaft of 5th MT. Jones fracture. Due to stress injury. Non weight bearing Below knee. Cast for 6 weeks. ORIF if athlete

Fracture 5th metatarsal strapping nailing

Agreed with Dr.Reshma P

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