Urosepsis (E.Coli)

Urosepsis (E.coli), HTN, Hypothyroidism, post op Spinal Ependymoma. Chief Complaints A 55 yr old female has come with fever and chills , headache for past 3 days. No associated chest pain, palpitation, Cough, SOB, vomiting, loose stool, dysuria, pain abdomen, loc etc. K/C/O HTN, Hypothyroidism, Spinal Ependymoma- operated. Pallor +, Icterus - , edema - Pt was in shock with BP of 80/50 mm hg. Blood Ix showed Raised TLC, low Hb, Deranged RFT. Urine RE showed multiple pus cells indicative of UTI. Urine C/S was done showing Positive for E. Coli . Conservative Mx was done, pt recovered well and being discharged in stable condition.


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