Belladonna 30-2 drops, Rustox 30-2 drops, Sulfur 6-1 drops, Sugar of Milk-15 grains - Mix them. These are three units. By giving five doses daily, all symptoms of urticaria like- red rash, burning, itching etc. are relieved. • Chloralum 1X - 2 grains, Scookum Chuck 3x - 3 grains, Artica Urens 30-1 drops, Sugar of Milk - 5 grains - Mix them. This is a quantity. In this way, giving four doses daily gives relief. • Apis Mail 6-1 drops, Hygrophila spinosa 3X - 1 drop, Sugar of Milk-5 grains - Mix it. This is a quantity. Giving four doses every day helps in urinating. Especially the red color of rashes is not resting - it is useful in these symptoms. • Urtica urens Q - 30 drops, olive oil - add an aus. Applying it on the rashes provides relief in itching and they begin to heal.



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