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A 30 years woman suffering with urticaria suddenly for 10 days. < exertion, walking a distance > at AC room or fanning Chilly pt Appetite-good Craving- Salty and spicy Thirst- moderate Perspiration- less Stool-regular , unsatisfactory Urine- normal, some times burning Menses-regular Mind- Irritable Impatient Want company Please respected doctors suggest medicine


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Dulcamara bovista

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Sensatisationdermatitis althrocin betnesol clobetagm beplexforte for1week avoidoilnd water

@graphitis mezrium natrummur hairndcarefruitsoil

@sulphur ecinesia

@affectedpartshouldbewashedwith hydrogeperoxide thenusesavlon thenbandage withbetadin nd bandage moxcv aceclosp injectmonocef regulardressing atsomedayswillcure

Rhustox natrummur nuxvom

Natrum mur

Psorinum 200

Calcarea carb

Nat mur

Thank u @Dr. Aasema Shaikh

Calcarea Carb can cure it

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