Vaginal smears cytology

55 yr female c/o vaginal discharge since 2 months. Chief Complaints C/o vaginal discharge since 2 months. History Menopause 15 years back. Vitals BP 183/79 mmhg,HR 99 / min.and decreased air entry in right lung. Investigations She was advised PAP SMEAR,HB ,HIV,HBSAG,VDRL,CHEST XRAY,USG ABDOMEN AND PELVIS.Usg report is attached.,it says mild collection in endometrium..all other tests reports within normal limit..The vaginal smears were pap stained. Diagnosis The pap stained smears were adequate for evaluation. The smears show superficial, intermediate and parabasal squamous epithelial cells amidst the inflammatory background comprising mainly of polymorphs.I reported Atrophic smears with inflammation. Management The patient was prescribed antibiotics


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reactive changes associated with inflammation

Atrophic menopause Senile cervicitis NILM

Superficial and intermediate cells mainly with inflammation

Rx Sanjivani vati 2 tid SH tab 1bd Pradarhar vati 2bd Nagkesar powder 1 teaspoon bd for 10 to 14 days.

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