Varicella Zoster rashes- Chicken Pox. Chief Complaints A 19 yr old male attended Mopd with Fever and diffuse fluid filled red colored pruritic blisters over chest ,back and face since 3 days. No associated cough,SOB,chest pain,Dysuria,Nausea or vomiting,loose stool etc. No H/O HTN,DM,Thyroid disorder or substance abuse. General Examination shows skin lesion as described above. Rest Examination normal. Routine blood Ix has been advised along with CXR. Pt was explained regarding Isolation and high contagious nature of the disease along with maintenance of personal hygiene. Pt started on Oral antibiotics,anti histamines,anti pyretics and body lotion.

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Chicken pox treatment,T Atarax T . Azithral 500mg ,T.Herpikind. Calpol 650 ,Calak Lotion , Herpikind Ointment

Some years ago an engineer's son was admitted with encephalitis after varicella, and he was in deep coma. The parents were called and told about the inevitability of the condition. With only a clinical diagnosis I started the patient on iv acyclovir. The next day the son was asking "Ammi, I am hungry, give me something to eat " That much for late treatment!

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Chicken pox treatment Tab Acuvir 800 one Tab 5 time daily, Tab Azithromycin 500 one daily, Tab Paracetamol 650 one Tab three times, Aquasoft CV lotion apply locally twice

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Yes dr strange It is a c/o varicella zoster Rx tab acyclovir 800mg/day for7days Rest continue

Agree with Dr.Shivraj Agarwal in toto

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Symptoms management needed Now , no use of acyclovir .

Dr.Burkul, as I understand even if we start later it is better than no acyclovir since other than varicella pneumonia,varicella encephalitis and other complications, later in life higher chances of herpes zoster would be higher.

Varicella. Do start the patient on acyclovir since the clinical diagnosis is certain. ideally acyclovir started within 48 hours since the chances of complications like varicella pneumonia are much higher than in childhood, and other complications. Do not wait for blood reports to start therapy.

Above quote from web MD

Immunocompetent adolescents and adults with varicella can be seriously ill, with high fever, hundreds of cutaneous lesions, incapacitating constitutional symptoms, and a higher risk of complications (especially pneumonitis). Since they are likely to miss at least seven days of school or work, interventions that will reduce the duration of the acute illness are warranted

Sir , thank you for sharing the case.

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