Warts treatment

13 yr age male pt C/o wart over middle finger of hand since 2 months.



Apply apamarga kshara along with kasisadi taila or nowatrs cream and internallu give khadirarista and mahamanjistadi khada..

Wart has research experience of fats...to apply Chuna.. turmeric powder paste or multani mitti with rose water and turmeric powder

Welcome and thanks Doctor

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Berberis, lach according to symptoms

Causticum 200 fortnightly × 3 dose Apply Thuja occ Q BD


Rx Dulcamara.

साधारण मस्से है। क्षार कर्म से लेखन करें।

RX Nitric Acid, Causticum, Thuja ?

Dulcamara is indicated remedy

Hpv simplex

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