Watering of eyes

watering of eyes at all-time since 1 month agglutinated in the morning female, 35 yrs eyesight-normal there is no discharge form nose H/0- Jaundice 3 times treated with allopathic medicines generals- normal desire of sweet things aversion- fatty items cannot digest them mentally she is calm, quite, reserved happy with married life Dx & Rx Doctors



Examination of eyelid,lid margin See for lacrimal punctum,/lacrimal duct blockage... after examination can go with Sac syringing. Seka with Triphala and yastimadhu Jala Saptamruta lauha

Saptamrita Lauha Triphala Ghrita Wash in The morning with Triphala Jal I Tone Eye Drops.

Arg nit , lyco , like medicines may work also u may prescribe the Euph. eye drops

Agree with @Dr. Aishwarya Upadhyaya

Saptamrita loha Netra dharan with triphala Triphala ghrita

Dx Conjunctivitis ? Rx Euphrasia / Allium cepa

Akshi shrava due to occlusion of akshigata nadi. Kaphahara chikitsa Strotoshodhaka Netraya chikitsa should be the line of Treatment. Can have sukshma triphala churna for internal and external use. Have a tablespoon churna and make kwatha with that...and wash eyes for 10-20 days. Also have 1tsp triphala +1tsp madhu +5 drops of ghrta. For 10-20 days. Along with lukewarm water.

Karela dark chocolate home made with out sugar, cucumber...no sugar no nonveg diet no eggs no mushrooms no fried foods.no gadgets,eyes closed all oil food, carrots pomegranates sprouts kalijeeri alkaline diet citrus fruit lime juice pineapple with black pepper eye wash

DX conjunctivitis Agglutinate in the morning Female Aversion fatty items Cannot digest them Mentally she is calm , quite , reserved All are indicate pulsatilla So I suggest pulsatilla 30 qid

1.Calm, quite , reserved 2. Fatty foods intolerance 3. Jaundice or liver affected All the symptoms indicate pulsatilla. Please think about it

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