What are the causes of the failure of a homoeopath while prescribing a similar remedy?



1lack of self confidence 2 hurry haste 3 prejudice mind 4 lack of total history 5 lack of knowledge of pqrs 6lack of repertory symptomatology 7cross rubrics knowledge of 8 fail to subject the case in a final court of appeals in mm.

1 . Selection of right potency. ( Similimum = similar remedy + right potency ) 2 . Frequeent repetition of the medicine. 3 . "Blocks" in homoeopathy. Eg :- miasmatic block , psychogenic block etc 4 . Administering deep acting polychrest remedies in high potency for advanced pathologies , terminal diseases etc. 5 . Unhealthy diet habits , addictions , Hypochondriac & Hypersensitive patients ( Aph No: 96 ) Patients with false Modesty, Indolence etc. (Aph No: 97 )

Thnq @Dr. George Kurien @Dr. Harish Modi These are the basic cause of failure. When we are prejudice and try to fixed the remedy in the picture, dn d failure will be the result in maximum prescription.

i think if you fail the well selected remedy go find out the MIASMIC - DISORDER cure and you shall surelly achieve the desired result.

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@George Kurien agree with him

Knowledge of disease knowledge of organon