What can be treatment options.. lesion since7 days .. post ? Burns???

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Surgical excision of black overgrowth slough , debridement, antibiotics, dressings will be required

Surgeon did the same... thanks.

Dear dr Chhaya Though the pic is not very clear, ot seems to be. eschar continue dressing with creams e.g The Bact for a couple of days. It should gradually come off


Excise d blakish area ....clean wound properly .....dressing with enzoheal .....oral antibiotics antiinlflammatory required

Thanks for help.

Exact extent depth of defect not clear from photo..debride and do a V Y advancement flap..if defect substantial...otherwise...if small clean n dress with antibiotic oint..Index finger is next to thumb..as a VIP digit..sensation..cosmetics of digit are also points to be considered..we can not hide our fingers and face easily..

Debridement cleaning and dressing Appropriate antibiotics and NSAID Follow up

Debridement .. regular dressing and limb elevation

DEBRIDEMENT...... clean and dressing... SYSTEMATICALLY..

Debridement followed by cleaning nd dressing


T bact


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