What is diagnosis this case? and treatment.

A women age 26years old, House wife. Now C/O- women 6 month running constipation.There is intense soreness remaining burning sensation long after stool and excessive itching,RT side anal abscess and fistula. Continues treatment allopathy but not progressive. Stool- Irregular. B/P-120/80 Urine- Clear. Body wt- 51 kg. Drinkness tendency. Desire food sold. Sleeplessness. No other problem. Submit patient Details Case History Plz suggest Dx & Rx Date of case taking 26/04/2020.


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Alumina 30

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Dr Ranjit Kumar Poriya Homeopathy Diagnosis For Women Anal Fissure. First times Treatment X 7day. Rx Sulphur 200, 1dose Before Sunset times X2day. *Nuxvom 200 Xbd X7day. 7day After RX Acid Nit 200 Weekly 1dose. X2month. Full Recovery This Problem.

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As allopathy I feel its a fistula-in-ano, & she should be reffered to surgeon for management