DNS Deviated Nasal Septam



My opinion as the septum lenght increases DNS is seen is this cases.Severe DNS may cause difficult in breathing esp during sleep.This stage surgery is must..Blocked sensation relief.As my friend said Aurum triphy. is best Rx for coryza + snuffle.DNS I have never got any results so reffering for surgery ..DNS & mocosal polyps can cause allergic rhinitis.Because after treating. cases of mucosal polyp..Polyp has been treated by me & no allergic cases failed.DNS no results got . thanks Dr.

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Homeopathy major role in DNS . homeopathy medicine can cure DNS without complication.homeopathy medicines like Arum trip,Nux vomica, silicea etc.are very useful. A minor surgical procedure k/as septoplasty. Some cases after surgery Reappearance of symptoms may be due to mucosal metaplasia of nose.and symptoms reappeared *Septal abscess *Saddle nose *Septal hematoma *External nose deformty.

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Totally agree with Dr Twara Aashish mam...DNS is congenital mostly...it is structural deformity ...can't be cure without surgery... Else U have to not treat the DNS but you have to treat a sing and symptoms which is occuring due to deviated nasal septum...u can only treat the sign n symptoms in relate to DNS....

DNS talks about Miasmatic influence patient is carrying. Unless actually there are other complaints, DNS itself doesn't need to be treated. Many people don't even know they have DNS, unless a need arises to go for X-ray Head and Neck, and is often an accidental finding. If the person has any other complaints, sure the totality should be formed and treatment given on basis of that, in which case the complaints may be taken care of. DNS - deviated nasal septum is congenital in most cases. Just for DNS, surgery should not be advised.

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