what is it? and what is line of treatment and for many days?



Tinea Ungum. Rx 1.Tab Terbinafine 500 mg O.D for 1 month. 2.Tab Fluconazole 150 mg weekly for 4 months. 3.Get LFT done after 15 days


trachonychia usually twenty nail dystrophy look toe nails also.usually in children it is idiopathic,secondary to psoriasis,lichen planks,alopecia areata.for treatment right now wait and watch.u can give tab biotin 10mg od.In children trachyonica is spontaneously reaolved.for ruling out fungal infection nail clipping koh and culture

onychomycosis Tab.Fluconazole 150mg weekly 8 weeks Tab.Terbinafine 250mg 28 days Antihistaminic Terbitotal cream LA

tinea nails ..oncomycosis antifungal weekly for 6 months terbinafine 500 od for month if irritating apply antifungal ointment like candid lotion

Onychomycosis finger nails. needs systemic antifungal atleast 3 months. multivitamin / B complex candid lotion LA

Onychomycosis, advised systemic anti fungal.



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