What is the dosage of Lariago DS ?

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Chloroquine 4 tab stat 2 tab after 6 hrs and 1 tab bd for 2 days. Larigo DS kit has . mentioned it's dose. In govt institution we used Chloroquine for both PV ,PF , prophylaxis , rheumatoid arthritis. In case PF 10 tabs Chloroquine as mentioned above plus 45 mg of primaquinine stat. PC chloroquine as mentioned above plus 7.5 mg bd for 14 days primaquinine.

Thanks Dr Pushkar Bhomia

In active / P.Vivax . For adult... 300 mg Chloroquine base (2 tab) start. After 1 hour again repeat 2 tablet . 2 tab after 12 hours. 2 tab x after 24 hours of previous dose .x 2 days. Total 1500 mg base/ 10 tab.in 2 days. All the doses intake after food.

For treatment of P Vivax, we use chloroquine Its available as Lariago DS Kit in which it is shown how to take it, Secondly, its available in Lariago 250mg Tablet too taken as 4 tabs on Day 1, 4 tabs on Day 2, and 2 tabs on Day 3 So we have Lariago DS kit in market and lariago 250mg tablet, given as written above

1 bd for 3 days

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