What is the doses of adrnline in drug allergy

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0.05mcg/kg/min. Infusion, through central line, to titrated disciplined monitoring of all vital parameters.

1 in 1000- Anaphylactic shock(IM) 1 in 10000 - Cardiac Shock 1 in 100000- anesthesia

Injection Adrenaline 1;1000 use subcutaneous or IM. But NEVER use as IV.

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Doses of Adrenaline in severe Anaphylactoid and Anaphylactic reactions Adults: Inject adrenaline 1:1000intramuscularly:     Small adults (<50 kg) give 0.25 mL     Average adults (50-100 kg) give 0.50 mL     Large adults (>100 kg) give 0.75 mL Children (up to 25 kg) Use adrenaline 1:10 000 (Dilute 1 ampoule -1 mL of adrenaline 1:1000 with 9 mL water for injection or normal saline). Inject intramuscularly up to a maximum of 500 microgram (5 mL) according to the guide (approximates to 10 microgram/kg).     1 year (10 kg) give 1 mL     3 years (15 kg) give 1.5 mL     5 years (20 kg) give 2 mL     8 years (25 kg) give 2.5 mL     Children >25 kg as for small adults If there has been little or no response to the initial intramuscular dose of adrenaline, administer 5 microgram/kg slowly into the intravenous line. Repeat at 5 minute intervals depending on response. If the patient remains shocked, start an adrenaline infusion (preferably via a central venous line), commencing at 0.25 microgram/kg/minute. REF: Anaphylaxis Wall Chart By  Aust Prescr 2001;24:112  DOI: 10.18773/austprescr.2001.136

01 cc/kg 1:1000 I v / S c

ADRENALINE.. ( I : 1000 ) IM

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