What is the meaning of "antitype of curative artificial disease"

what is the meaning of "antitype of curative artificial disease" in aphorism 152 of 6th edition of organon...?? can any one help me with this??



Antitype used there means something that has the potential to produce (or resemble) the disease picture. That word might have been used to show that the similimum need not readily resemble the disease, but careful study would reveal that all the symptoms present in the disease are some of the complete set of symptoms that was produced in the provings.

Sir, with due respect... If we are saying that "something that has the potential to produce (or resemble)" why the word "antitype" was used ?? Please explain it sir...

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@Dr. Arunava Chakraborty @Dr. T Sankar @Dr. Subhashkumar Bharti @Dr. Venkatesh K. N. Sir your views plz..

Agree with@Dr. Ravichandra Chakrala and@Dr. Venkatesh K. N. Sir

Antitype curative artificial disease - is the disease or set of symptoms produced during drug proving - since it's artificial and it's curative acting against natural disease it is called antitype curative artificial disease....

But why Hahnemann called it antitype??

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I guess the confusion here lies because of dual LITERAL meaning of the word ANTITYPE. ANTITYPE has 2 meanings. But in these aphorism Dr Hahnemann uses Antitype just as it in used in new testament. It means when something foreshadows or resembles. So we need to find a remedy which resembles or is congruent to the disease.

Thank you very much