what is the time duration within which immunoglobulin injection must be given in a case of dog bite /fox bite

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Wound cleansing is especially important in rabies prevention since, in animal studies, thorough wound cleansing alone without other postexposure prophylaxis has been shown to markedly reduce the likelihood of rabies.Human rabies immune globulin (HRIG) is infiltrated around the site of the bite(s), and provides rapid passive immune protection with a half life of approximately 21 days. It is administered only once, on the first day of the PEP regimen (designated day 0). No more than the recommended dosage of HRIG should be given because excessive HRIG can partially suppress active production of antibody. If the HRIG was not administered on day 0, it may be administered up to and including day 7 of the PEP regimen. Beyond day 7, HRIG is not indicated, as the patients antibody response to the vaccine occurs in that timeframe.Infiltrate as much of the HRIG as possible into and around the bite wound.Administer the remaining HRIG intramuscularly (IM) at a site distant from the first vaccination site, generally in the quadriceps or deltoid. Rabies vaccine mustNOTbe given in the gluteals due to the possibility of poor absorption from that site and lower neutralizing antibody Titeres.

If dog is infectedvthen give immunoglobulin if not give inj. Rabies vaccine as 1,3,7,14,28 days.

if immunoglobuline not ava. then do as uual immunization after cleaning and washing the wound and if it is available then infiltrate the wound half ammount of immunoglobuline and inject other half dose is calculated as 20iu/kg and vaccine shedule is 0 3 7 14 28

I have many cases who have taken only vaccines without serum n they presented to hospital with rabies disease showing all symptoms ..... this is mainly because very very extremely few people are exactly aware of exact preventable measures aftr dog bite n about it’s avoidable death if dose measures not taken on tym..... no matter how educated people r .... so it is advisable an awareness camp .... which should be very strictly done...

if dog is infected give immunoglobulin.. if not give inj rabies vaccine as a dose 1_3_7_14_28 th day

As soon as possible most impo is serum to b injection at the site of bite... If not taken immediately we say must take with in 24 hrs... N as per guideline serum is suggested upto first 7 days.... though it may not b helpful but in this case as we know once disease developed there is no cure but it is nly preventable measures....

if not immediately available than is it safe to have with one or two day delay.

Yes, ARV can be given on second or third day..

yes upto 7 day interval can be possible between ig and vaccine

dont give half dose as a IM over buttock bcoz no sense for it instead f giving full dose locally....

As soon as possible but can b given upto 7 days

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