What is the treatment for tennis elbow?



No weight lifting Belt below 2 inch elbow jt Inj steriod by orthopedic Swd

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Rx- Patient counselling for explaining the risk factors for pain. Icing for acute cases. McKenzie exercises Ultrasound Eccentric rehabilitation for ecrl. Prevention of such an event by counselling again.

3 steps to be done *first NSAIDS *Second physiotherapy *Third is surgical intervention

Management is corticosteroid at the site of pain in tennis elbow

Treatment is corticosteroid injection at the site of pain in tennis elbow

MFR & dry needling is best techniques US NSAIDS

No weight lifting Nsaids If not relieved then steroid injection

Only rest exterior muscles of elbow

Dry needl therapy

NSAIDS Tennis elbow strap Rest Ultrasound therapy pulsed mode Cryo pack