what is this case of ????

22 yr old female has history of insomnia since 3 yr and does not take enough sleep since 3 days now she is suffering from facial tremors epsiodes of duration 4-5 Min many times a day DX Rx History Insomnia weakness Vitals HR 90 BP 130/80 Pso2 - 98 Lab Report MRI


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Pt is psychotic Anxiety/depression These tremors are anxiety tremors Loss of sleep Antidepressants Sedative But under c/o psychiatrist

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Not facial tremor. Tremor like movements of the lower jaw,looks like VOLUNTARY MOVEMENTS.Mostly up& down movements. Needs clinical psychologist assessment.

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Needs detailed evaluation and Neurological Assessment. Clonazepam 10mg HS Multivitamin and antioxidant orally. Reassurance and counciling required. Regular monitoring and constant evaluation required.

Thanks Dr Dinesh Gupta

Need details evaluation and neurological examination For now Tab. Clobazam 10 hs and Tab Oxcarb 300 mg hs uptirate to bd

Required EEG

Sir pt is admitted Lorest 2 Zolpid 10 mg Valprol cr 300 Stigma calvit Neocalm plus Cally Is going on sir

Eeg show RT sided epilotogenic focus with secondary generalisation.

Neuropsychiatrist opinion needs

Eeg report

Sir should this pt administration in ipd

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