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what is this with homoeopathic medicine..... 86 year old male with one kidney, suffering from this type of eruption last 3-4 days but swelling and little bit pain from long time.


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Apis 200 OD along with bell 30 TDS. . .

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Dr Ranjit Poriya. Homeopathy. Spot Picture Since Both Side Leg Lower Part Swelling &Redness Eruption. ~ Urinary Problem Urine Not Clearance Patient Case History One Kidney , Suffering From This Type of Eruption. Rx APIs mel 30xbd. " Berbaris Vul O Potancy 10dropsXbd. Patient Require Investigation. * Serum Urea. *Serum Creatinine. * Serum Sodium. *Serum Potassium. *Blood Sugar F&PP. * Blood H/B %.

Thank you doctor

Please advise for required investigations, Apis may be helpful

I think it is a case of cellulites. Check platelets count. Along with RFT.

Serum sodium,creatinine

Patechial hemorrhage... Lechasis, hamemelis, bell

Apis mail


Bryonia 30 /Spongia 30.


Erysephalus arnica

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