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What should be the DILUTION of COW milk to feed a 1 yr old baby ?



cows milk only after one year of age . N dont dilute . Add one scoop of sugar . To increase the calorie of milk . Not more than 500 ml of cows milk per day . It has less bioavailable iron . It can predispose to iron deficiency anemia .

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Breast milk is best. Can continue breast milk upto 2 years or above together with age appropriate complementary feeding. If Cow's milk needs to be given no dilution is required but sugar should be added to increase carbohydrate content.

Dilution after3 month of age is not required give whole pasturised cow milk

No dilution. Make sure milk man doesn't dilute!

Not required

Dilution not required

No Dilution.

Dear Dr. Raquib Parwez Sir, Add 1/4 part of water.

No dilution...

Dilution not recommended

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