Which condition is this and what is the cause? Is it curable? If yes, so what is the treatment and how much it will take time to cure ? If no, why?



Ramsay hunt syndrome

go for oral acyclovir 800mg 5 times a day oral Prednisone 1mg/kg short course... oral analgesic eye padding use of artificial eye drops.. immunity enhancers like vitamin C then follow up with facial physiotherapy and facial nerve electric stimulations

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it's bell's palsy

this is bell's palsy . it is a lower motor neuron type of facial muscle due to compression of facial nerve in facial canal near stylomastoid foramen. treatment with corticosteroid (prednisone ) will regain facial movement. they work better as soon the symptoms starts within 3 days.sometimes antiviral medicine such as acyclovir can be added to corticosteroid medicine to treat bell's palsy .

It's a case of bells palsy and can be cured by bouts of nerve stimulation for atleast 3 weeks which can be under a physiotherapist surveillance and supplemented with vitamins with l cartinine

Lt Bell's Palsy Can go for Physiotherapeutic management... - Electrical Stimulation for Lt facial muscles motor points - Facial muscle exercises -Taping Can be Done..

Rt facial paralysis. tab .omnacortil.in tapperig dose. tab neurokind.od.tab pantop40 od tear eye drop.for 3weeks.&physiotherapy

It's a bells palsy nd last pic is a bells phenomenon.it's curable based on nerve lesion

If it's neurotmesis then it will be cured in 21 days

Neurotmesses means complete nerve rupture that is irrerversable loss ,that can't be cured ,for information only ,

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Agree with Dr. Parmar... It's bells palsy.

Bells palsy or right facial paralysis...

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