Whitish lesion over left lateral border of the tongue since 1 year . Slow growing , no pain , no easy peeling. No sudden increase or decrease in size. Smoking habit previously! DD and treatment strategy?




DDx Keratosis Hyperplastic Candiasis Lekoplakia. Candidial Lekoplakia. Sir as we discussed one thing is curious to note....it's on one side only as though it's nerve involved....although not. Could be due to sharp edges if any on that side teeth....it started as keratosis...later turned to other as suspected. Let's wait for biopsy sir.

Yes two days the report would be there !

Scrapable white patch ( candidiasis) .non scrapable white patch ( luekoplakia) Biopsy highly advised If negative for dysplasia ..close follow up needed

Not hard & fast doc

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Leucoplakia and candidiasis non scapable white patch.Do Biopsy to know the final diagnosis .

Candidal or leukoplakia as the lesions can be scraped off. Biopsy will be needed to confirm

Keratosis Hyperplastic candidiasis Leukoplakia Biopsy

Candid leukoplakia or verrucus carcinoma.....take biopsy


Leukoplakia or candidates Biopsy needed


Local excision by using Radiofrequency quick and effective way !

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