Why or how does IVF-RL lead to cerebral edema in DKA?


- RL doesn't cause Cerebral oedema - it is due prompt correction of hyperglycemia as result alter osmolality leads to shift of fluid from extracellular compartment to intracellular - So hypertonic solution Manitol correct it.

RL doesn't cause cerebral edema per se, hypoglycemia caused by over correction by insulin leads to cerebral edema.

Then y is RL Contraindicated in DKA sir? Instead of NS, RL also can be used no sir?

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R L don’t correct DKA so sodium retention causing cerebral oedema

Thank you doctor

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Sod is the cause

Sir Sodium is depleted in DKA then how does it lead to cerebral edema?

due to anion gap

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