Why pandemics are happening now? Are we ready to face it ???



Our Sanhitas & Sharma Grinth has already explained deeply,clearly,openly,forcefully with cure guidline. The living Standred/Acharan was guided not for India but for Bharavarsha,as and when &till to day we believe as "Vasudev Kutumbh"as whole world. But no one care,no one ready to accept/follow the rules of "Live & Let Live " or not to adopt Virudh Ahar. To day we have got down the nature's way in a Maroond condition.Let see the prize of Nature ? @Dr. Shibani Dash ,@Dr. Hemant Adhikari ,@Dr. Satyanarayana Reddy Sunku , @Dr.DPSingh ji@Dr. Narendra Misra @ All my AASTIK Doc Friends.

No body have answer for WHY Now! Ofcourse we are not prepared to handle such Pandemic but Indian is trying its best to overcome this Pandemic Situation. @Shibani Dash madam

Agree with Dr Mudgal sir, we are attacking the nature.we are not following lifestyle described in our samhitas. We have to go back to nature for stopping pandemic.

Well said Dr Mudgal sir,. Dinacharya,rutucharya .viruddha aahara well explained, See aptavachanam how valuable,.

Corona - i m coming World - no i m not ready Corona - ok when u r ready call me. I will come...

Not only covid, many more are yet to come

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Janapada dwamsa, due to pragnaparada, no way to escape we have to face

Prangyaparadha... what's the real definition of it in today's era... please explain

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