World Alzheimer’s Day | 21 September 2020

It takes about 20 years before an Alzheimer’s patient starts to show symptoms. Many people are living with this disease, unaware. What can we do to improve the quality of life of patients with dementia?



Age related dementia is identified as Alzheimer's disease mostly. Pre Senile dementia is identified as Schizophrenia. I am sharing my knowledge about human brain and it's functions. The so called higher mental functions are the realm of Emotions and Intellect. There are specific areas assigned to these functions. Emotions are chemically mediated while intellect and knowledge are due to new synaptic connections. You must have heard the the term a person's cup is full. What does that mean ? It means he has reached the limit of his brain capacity to store information. But in today's world you may need more knowledge and experience to survive or function at a higher level. So you end up accumulating more knowledge. How does the brain handle this ? Brain is a hardware. So more information is accommodated in other areas. It may mean a person's emotional cortex is replaced by information. So the person may end up having less emotions. It could mean emotional blunting in psychiatric terms. Now let's say the person need more information to function at his level. As you know long term memory and short term memory are handled differently by brain Short term memory is synaptic connections that disappear after a short period Long term memory is synaptic connections that are permanent If a person's long term memory is filled up, New information take the space of short memory. So the person start becoming forgetful Could be a sign of dementia without any pathology Let's say even short term memory is replaced by knowledge. What if more information and processing is needed. That is when the brain starts using faculties unknown to modern science These are psychic abilities which cannot be explained by science. As you know humanity underwent a retrograde evolution with scientific advancements and community living. There are areas in our brain that can make us like an eagle in vision, like a dog in smell, Like a Leopard in sensation etc. We don't have that many neurons and sensors, but still a lot is dormant in modern man. From this narrative,what I am trying to say is don't push yourself too far, even when it comes to education and knowledge You may never be identified as a psychiatric case, but you will never be normal You will miss a lot of good things in life. I come from a common back ground My head is filled more than it's capacity When I see other people in my family, I see what I am missing. On top of it I am a survivalist That means I use my primitive brain more than normal people Watch Discovery channel program "Man v/s Wild" You will get an idea. Fear and Aggression are the most remarkable manifestation of Primitive brain. Now I am better off and live human There is more to human mind than modern science understand Dementia Pre senile dementia Affective disorders Psychosis All may have identifiable causes Modern science offer good treatment including medications But prevention is a responsibility of a society Know the limits of an individual If you push him beyond that he may become something else Mental illness is a common outcome Many Paranoid people rise above others to hold powerful positions, Why ? They don't trust a higher authority. But when they become powerful, they stop trusting people down the line. They are creations of the society we live in. Prevention is better than Cure in Mental illnesses. More mentally challenged people are seen outside mental asylums than inside.

Thank you so much sir for wonderful explanation

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Thanks for sharing. There is big gap in understanding the disease exact cause and treatment part is still incomplete , despite of decades research,we are still at large to know more about this disease . prognosis is poor and incurable disease crippled society including families without any fault of pt who is neglacd most.

Thanks Dr Rakesh Garg.

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Alzheimer's is a difficult disorder to deal with, for the patient and for the family.... Recognising Alzheimer's early and caring for the patient through the phases is difficult... Having care facilities is a good option but without proper understanding it may backfire... Also Counseling and support for the families is essential since this also has a high probability of being genetic..


Thank you for sharing

Behaviour is a very important remedy in stages of improving the life of person... Security which the person endeavours for is assured... with the result that he feels relaxed better... Gradually he feels himself free and then realised that he wants to grow more and more out of it...once he realises he tries to remember..what he has missed the process natural alkaline remedies help him...and thus with the Grace of God,Helpers, prayers,healers Doctors...who work day in and day out are great....he starts recovering from this Alzheimer' I would like to share with you that Peggy Sarlyns book of the nine Maverick Doctors....Dr Saheb Darius Homi Umrigar s name is also there amongst them...under/with whom I work ed....and still summary suggestion is ... just let them be secured...and relaxed stress.. obliged to U All Learned Doctor s of our prestigious Curofy forum...

Give Tab.Oliza2.5 mg and multivitamin and antioxidants and trace elements this disease patients manic episode disorders Dr.Advice meditation for beat treatment patients behaviours changes after 3 months patients right handed so patients works daily mostly Left handed patients another mind is activated something.,.

अति महत्वपूर्ण एवं उपयोगी जानकारी हेतु आभार व्यक्त करता हूं।

Dr Ranjit Kumar Poriya Homeopathy Very Informative.

Educative & Informative Post .

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