World Hepatitis Day

This day is being celebrated each year on 28 July to raise awareness of severe liver diseases. Every year >1 M deaths are caused by Viral hepatitis. Deaths from TB and HIV have been reduced in past years but deaths from hepatitis are increasing. Theme of this year is “Hepatitis can’t wait” CDC released a Strategic Framework for 2021-2030 to control vaccine-preventable diseases. Check below!




Very informative and wishing all the best for CDC strategic framwrok to control vaccine-Preventable diseases including Hepatitis and corona pandemic. Execution plays a good role to decide strategic framework 2021 -2030.

Thanks Dr Rakesh kayasth

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Hepatitis days.. Nice information useful information updated sir thanks for sharing doctor...

Thanks doctor Ashok neel

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When getting married just like some people prefer to go for medical check ups to see whether they have any chronic illness I think people should make it mandatory to check for hepatitis also especially healthcare professionals.

Hepatitis though is a sign associated with many medical conditions Alcoholic hepatitis is a way more common with general Indian senrio Non Achoholic hepatitis is being seen among people having sedentary lifestyle with high consumption of food rich in fats Hep-A,B,C,D,E are all Viral hepatitis., The most common symptom associated with hepatitis is Jaundice., We need LFTs, Icturus, Pallor to look for lunch liver issues... Thank you for the post! And also to the Doctors who put their valuable Opinions..…

Useful & informative post on word Hepatitis awareness day. Thanks for sharing.

Very informative .. alaming medical conditions among whole population .more awareness and immunization are suggested and need of time .

Very informative update on World Hepatitis Day. Thanks for sharing useful updates Sir

Thanks Dr Md Altaf Husain

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Hepatitis day Very informative and useful massage

Good information

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